„Ocean Of Noise” – sensual, surreal and emotional.

Lately we got email from polish band „Ocean of Noise” with info about their new video “I Want You” directed by Marta Mamon from Cracov. We can only confirm their words about their new music video, and we would like to add one more word „magical”, maybe they should add this word to the name of their band so they would called themselves „Magical Ocean of Noise”. Definitely we recommend this video to check out.

About „Ocean of Noise”
Ocean of Noise is a solo project by Rafal Konopka, started in 2007. Previously, a musician was known as one of the leading figures in Bialystok alternative scene bands, eg. Melody Raf, Keep the Change. This project is another step in his musical quest. Over the years musician has gathered the material which allowed him to record his debut album.


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