Polish acts at Glimps Festival 2012

We are gladly inform that invasion of polish music  on foreigns music markets developes. Three polish bands : Twilite, Niechec and Microepxpressions will perform at Glimps Festival in Gent/Belgium.

Glimps is an international music showcase festival that provides a stage for the best music that Europe has to offer. More than 80 bands from all over Europe will be presenting themselves at 13 different locations throughout the city: from intimate music clubs to prestigious concert venues. Together with music professionals and journalists, you can discover new upcoming bands. Glimps presents “Tomorrow’s Music Now”: for you, and for everything and everyone that moves in the back stage of the European music clubs and festivals.

Glimps is an initiative by 5 major players in the music scene of Ghent: Rock’o CoKeremos,DemocrazyGent Jazz Festival, and Vooruit. It is an initiative in cooperation with „Ghent – Unesco Creative City of Music”

Glimps is supported by Muziekcentrum VlaanderenWallonie-Bruxelles MusiquesVooruit,Handelsbeurs ConcertzaalCirca and Toursupport and subsidized by the city of Ghent and the Flemish Community.

Official webpage of Glimps Festival : http://glimpsgent.be/en

Niecheć – Polish for reluctance – displays exactly the contrary of what its name says. They use contrabass, piano, guitar, and percussion to play rebellious jazz. Slightly experimental, they combine their own Polish jazz tradition with psychedelic rock and influences from film music. The result is an original interlocking which should bring fireworks to the stage!

Official webpage : http://niechec.pl/

Microexpressions is a project led by singer, songwriter and producer Micha Stambulski. His style – built around avant-pop takes inspiration from a very eclectic blend of different genres like indie rock, synth pop, noise pop, post rock and recently even r’n’b and mainstream pop. Last two EPs – Deep Snow (2010) and Lie In Wait (2011) had dozens of enthusiastic reviews referencing Microexpressions as one of the most promising young Polish projects. Currently Michal is working with producer / dj Marcin Sipiora (BWSounds) on a long-awaited debut LP to be released early 2013. You should hear them live!

Official webapge : http://microexpressions.pl/

TWILITE : This band has nothing to do with sweet vampire blood or adolescent hysteria. Not yet in any case. These Polish friends released their second album last year, under the title QUIET GIANT and can now harvest what they have sown with their unique sound. Vulnerable voices and acoustic guitars like José Gonzalez are combined into a varied set of solid songs and beautiful dashes of melancholy. Ideal for those who love the mix of unadulterated indie and singer-songwriter music.

Official webpage : http://twilite-music.com/


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